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  • Author: kakarot
  • Date: 16-06-2015, 14:58
16-06-2015, 14:58

Reviving Hard Bricked MICROMAX YU YUREKA

Category: Android » Help & Troubleshooting

So here is the guide to unbrick your YU from "Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008", I hope it works for you as I fried my YU's eMMC by attempting to brick and unbrick my YU for nearly 200 times in three days just to confirm that this guide is working. And here are some pics of my current YU (an expensive desktop charger). And all of this, because I love VSDownloads, hahahahahahaha, just hope it worthed. For God sake, I have invested nearly US$200 for this thread (at least that is how much I bought my YU plus shipping), so this post has to work. And please, don't ask whether I am serious or not, you should know the answer already.


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  • Author: BlackWhite
  • Date: 15-06-2015, 14:09
15-06-2015, 14:09

Hercules The Official Game v1.0.2 Android Game MOD (Unlimited Money)

Category: Android


Become Hercules, the greatest hero of Greece in the official game from the movie!
Embark upon 12 epic labors, spite the Goddess Hera, seek redemption for your sins, and prove your worth to all of Greece as Hercules. Swipe your way through the bloodiest ancient battles in the most exciting hack-and-slash game in the Google Play store
Defeat your enemies faster with special combinations of melee, magic and ranged traits to cause maximum damage. Revel in your brutal victory after slashing through rivals with devastating finishing moves.

Tags Cloud: Hercules, Official, Game, Android, Game, Unlimited, Money

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  • Author: BlackWhite
  • Date: 15-06-2015, 14:07
15-06-2015, 14:07

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Android Game Requires Android 4.0 or Above

Category: Android


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team by EA SPORTS features over 10,000 players from over 500 licensed teams!
Plus, over 30 real leagues and stadiums! Build a dream squad of footballers and put them to the test. From the English Premier League, La Liga, and MLS, to the German Bundesliga and beyond. Take the thrills with you wherever you are with the most authentic soccer game on Google Play.

This game has superior graphics and is packed with tons of real football leagues, teams, and players. Please make sure you have at least 1.35GB of free space on your device.

Earn, trade, and collect superstars like Lionel Messi and Eden Hazard to create your own fantasy team. Choose your play style, formation, kits, and more.

Put your management skills to the test with new Quick Simulations. Set up your squad, start the match, and watch it unfold. Make smart subs, tactical tweaks, and gauge team effort along the way. Your match results depend entirely on your ability to manage player skills and chemistry – taking authenticity to the next level.

Master your kicks, passes, and shots with classic controls – now with the “through pass” feature – or opt for new “Casual Controls” with fewer buttons. You can even double tap the joystick to enable tactical dribbling for closer control of the ball. Plus, if you have an external controller – don’t miss the chance to use it on the pitch for the first time.
Play your favorite team’s next fixture, plus 3 other major match-ups happening around the world – every week!
Jump into the action and feel the passion of your favorite sport with FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

Tags Cloud: FIFA, Ultimate, Team, Android, Game, Requires, Android, Above

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  • Author: BlackWhite
  • Date: 15-06-2015, 14:05
15-06-2015, 14:05

Trials Frontier v2.2.0 Android Game Requires Android 4.0 or Above

Category: Android


A new update for Trials Frontier is here and it’s a good one!
Some of you have been asking for a bigger challenge, so we’re giving you just that!
Introducing Reaper’s Finger, a mysterious island with six new tough as nails tracks. For the true Trials connoisseur!
Control customization! Move the on-screen buttons to suit your personal preference. No longer can you blame the controls for not beating your friends on the leaderboard!
Loads of bug fixes to make Trials Frontier feel better than ever!

Tags Cloud: Trials, Frontier, Android, Game, Requires, Android, Above

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  • Author: BlackWhite
  • Date: 15-06-2015, 14:04
15-06-2015, 14:04

King of Fighter 98 Android Game Requires Android 4.0 or Above

Category: Android


★ The best game balance in the KOF Series!
“KOF ‘98” is praised among KOF fans around the world as being the ultimate compilation of “KOF ‘94” ~ “KOF ‘97” titles and for its fantastic game balance. Moreover, this perfect port of “KOF ‘98” features 2 different gameplay modes, “EXTRA” & “ADVANCED”, and also includes a “TRAINING MODE” where you can master all your combos! “KOF ‘98” is also compatible with Bluetooth game controllers for the best gameplay experience ever!!

★ 38 playable characters!
In addition to the series’ iconic characters, “Iori” and “American Sports” teams as well as “Shingo Yabuki” and “Rugal Bernstein” edit characters return in “KOF ‘98” to complete the gorgeous roster of 38 characters and for a never ending dream match!

★ A NEOGEO Perfect Port with added features!
Play “KOF ‘98” with its original 4 buttons configuration, or use its unique control scheme of 6 button settings and the simplified special moves with the help of the “SP” button!

★ Challenge your friends via Bluetooth!
Dual with other KOF players via Bluetooth Multiplayer Mode for epic and unforgettable battles!

Tags Cloud: King, Fighter, Android, Game, Requires, Android, Above

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